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Welcome to HealthReach

Many hospitals, clinics, community health centers, and voluntary organizations operating in the United States provide a broad range of health services to individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). According to the U.S. Census Bureau Language Use in the United States: 2011 (PDF, 1.39 MB), over sixty million people in the United States have a primary language other than English, and almost twenty-four million of them speak English “less than ‘very well.’ ” Additionally, 40% of immigrant households in the U.S. speak a language other than English or Spanish (Pew, 2014). For healthcare providers and public health professionals, discussing health conditions and available services can be challenging without timely access to reliable culturally and linguistically appropriate information. Providing quality, tested, accurate multilingual health information improves quality of service, helps reduce health disparities, and achieves health equity, all of which are outcomes supported by the National Standards of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS Standards).

HealthReach is a national collaborative partnership that has created a resource of quality multilingual, multicultural public health information for those working with or providing care to individuals with limited English proficiency. Resources include:

  • Health education materials in various languages and formats (brochures, handouts, audio recordings, and videos).
  • Provider information (reports, toolkits, and fact sheets).
  • Special collections on women’s health, substance abuse, and mental health.

HealthReach offers easy access to quality health information in many languages that healthcare providers can share with LEP individuals. HealthReach is also an important resource for health professionals and public health administrators seeking best practices and population-specific tools, such as cultural backgrounders and tips for effective use of interpreters.

HealthReach grew out of the Refugee Health Information Network (RHIN) when it became apparent that the information resources in the database are useful to all new Americans and those who have limited English proficiency. For a summary of the RHIN program, please read History of RHIN.

Help with using HealthReach

How do I search for a resource in the system?

To search all titles, abstracts, and keywords associated with every resource in the HealthReach database, enter a term in the search box on the homepage and click Search. From the HealthReach homepage, you can refine your search by selecting one of the radio buttons below the search box.

  • The home page defaults to the Search All setting, which searches broadly across all resources in the HealthReach system.
  • To make your search more specific, select either the Patient Materials or the Provider Information radio button. These are the two categories of information on HealthReach.

Patient Materials are consumer health information resources a provider would use for patient education. PDFs can be given as handouts or brochures to LEP individuals. Audio and/or video content may be offered to persons with limited reading ability, even in their native language. All patient materials on HealthReach are presented in English, with translations in languages other than English. You can create a specific search by using the drop down menus to select a particular language and/or format.

Provider Information is intended to increase the awareness, knowledge, and skills of those providing services and care to LEP individuals. These reports, toolkits, and fact sheets are presented as English-language PDF documents or web pages. You can create a specific search by using the drop down menus to select specific countries and populations.

From the top navigation menu, you can also initiate a search within either information category on HealthReach:

  • Click on the Patient Materials tab to reach a search box that provides direct access to a search of the HealthReach collection of consumer health information resources in many languages.
  • Click on the Provider Information tab to reach a search box that provides direct access to a search of the HealthReach collection of reports, toolkits, and fact sheets for healthcare providers serving LEP populations.

Searches from the Patient Materials and Provider Information tabs have all of the same search features offered on the homepage, with the additional option of searching by author.

Search results display in a table containing title, format (document, video, and/or audio), translation type (company or community review), and whether or not the resource underwent a medical review.

  • For a search initiated from the homepage, the search results table includes category of information (patient or provider).
  • For a search initiated from the Patient Materials tab, the search results table also displays the languages in which each returned title is translated.
  • For a search initiated from the Provider information tab, the search results table also displays the countries and populations for which each returned title examines.

Clicking on the title of the resource you would like to view takes you to the Resource Properties page. This page contains important information about the resource to help you decide if it is one you want to consider. It includes:

  • Title
  • Abstract (a brief description of the resource, including its length, intended audience, and educational purpose)
  • Author (the person, organization, institution, or agency who created the resource)
  • Medical review (whether or not the resource was created or reviewed by a medical professional for quality and accuracy)
  • Development method (whether the resource is only available in English, developed in English and translated into other languages, or developed in a non-English language and translated into other languages)
  • Translation review (translation method used; company and/or community reviewed)
  • Keywords
  • Copyright status
  • Date of most recent medical review

On this page, you can access the resource in its available formats and languages. In the Access Resource box, click Open to access a document, View to watch a video, or Listen to hear an audio recording. The resource will open in a new window.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria for information resources to be included in HealthReach

HealthReach identifies, collects, and makes available for free resources that are accurate, up to date, evaluated, and high quality. HealthReach gathers resources from U.S. Federal and state government agencies, major national organizations such as scientific societies and professional organizations, academic institutions, international groups, and non-governmental organizations including the World Health Organization. With the input of partner organizations, HealthReach assembles a diverse collection of materials developed by hospitals, clinics, community health centers, and voluntary organizations operating in the United States who provide a broad range of health services to individuals with limited English proficiency.

All content on HealthReach is available for free. PDFs may be printed or downloaded at no charge. Audio and video materials are free for streaming anytime and anywhere, though data rates may apply. Specific copyright information is provided on the Resource Properties pages.

There is no advertising on this site, nor does HealthReach endorse any company or product. Authorship and/or sponsorship of resources available through HealthReach is clearly identified.

Organizations can contact HealthReach if they wish to have their resources made available here. Please be aware that these resources must be free, require no registration, and the author/agency must communicate with HealthReach regarding key information. HealthReach will ask the author for the following information:

  • Medical review: the resource was reviewed by a medical professional for quality and accuracy, accompanied by documentation regarding when the medical review was performed, by whom, and if it is periodically re-checked for currency and accuracy.
  • Development method: the resource was translated from English or provided by a Native speaker.
  • Translation review: a qualified translation company performed an independent review by a second translator, and/or a client advocate and/or the translation was evaluated by a representative or group from the community for accuracy and cultural relevance.
  • Copyright status: the resource is either in the public domain, its creator communicated their reserved rights through a Creative Commons license, or the copyright holder granted HealthReach permission to provide the material.
  • Date of most recent medical review: HealthReach will contact each organization annually to request a medical review of their resources to assure currency and accuracy.

Submitting information resources to HealthReach

How do I add a new resource?

To add a new item to the system:

HealthReach provides free access to high quality, culturally relevant health information. If you would like HealthReach to host or link to your materials, please follow the steps below.

There are 3 steps for submitting materials to HealthReach. Locate the navigation bar at the bottom of the website. Click on the link labeled "Submit Your Resources."

  • Step 1: Select the copyright status of your material.
  • Step 2: Identify the type of resource
  • Step 3: Provider contact information

At each step, you will be provided with instructions to help you complete the process. After submitting your information, the HealthReach team will contact you for further information and to obtain the URLs or hosted materials.

If you have any questions during this process please email us at: healthreachinfo@mail.nlm.nih.gov

How do I delete a resource from the system?

We understand that users might need to remove content that they have put into the system due to a number of reasons. Because removing a resource is a sensitive operation, only HealthReach managers are authorized to remove resources. If you are the producer of a resource that you would like removed from the system for any reason, please contact us at healthreachinfo@mail.nlm.nih.gov. In your e-mail please describe the resource(s) you wish to have removed from the HealthReach database and your reason for wanting them removed.