About HealthReach

Welcome to HealthReach

Many hospitals, clinics, community health centers, and voluntary organizations operating in the United States provide a broad range of health services to individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). According to the U.S. Census Bureau Language Use in the United States: 2011 (PDF, 1.39 MB), over sixty million people in the United States have a primary language other than English, and almost twenty-four million of them speak English “less than ‘very well.’ ” Additionally, 41% of immigrant households in the U.S. speak a language other than English or Spanish (Pew, 2014). For healthcare providers and public health professionals, discussing health conditions and available services can be challenging without timely access to reliable culturally and linguistically appropriate information. Providing quality, tested, accurate multilingual health information improves quality of service, helps reduce health disparities, and achieves health equity, all of which are outcomes supported by the National Standards of Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS Standards).

HealthReach is a national collaborative partnership that has created a database of FREE multilingual, multicultural health information and patient education materials for those working with or providing services to individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP). With the input of partner organizations, HealthReach assembles a diverse collection of materials developed by hospitals, clinics, community health centers, voluntary organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, and national non-governmental organizations who provide a broad range of public health services. HealthReach allows user to:

  • Print or download documents
  • Listen to audio
  • Watch videos
  • View illustrations

HealthReach grew out of the Refugee Health Information Network (RHIN) when it became apparent that the information resources in the database are useful to all new Americans and those who have limited English proficiency. For a summary of the RHIN program, please read History of RHIN.

Help with using HealthReach

How do I search for materials in the HealthReach database?

To search for health information and patient education materials in the HealthReach database, enter a term in the search box on the homepage and click Search. You can refine your search by selecting from the drop-down menus below the search box:

  • Languages
  • Formats
  • Authors

Search results display in a table containing title, format (document, video, and/or audio), and languages.

Clicking on the title of the resource you would like to view takes you to the Resource Properties page. This page contains important information about the resource to help you decide if it is one you want to consider. It includes:

  • Title
  • Abstract (a brief description of the resource, including its length, intended audience, and educational purpose)
  • Author(s) (the person, organization, institution, or agency who created the resource)
  • Country of Origin (location of the authoring organization)
  • Medical Reviewer (the person or group performing a medical review, identified by their role(s) as a licensed provider in their field)
  • Other Reviewer (the person or group performing a content review, identified by their work in complementing the medical review)
  • Development Method (whether or not the material originated in English or another language)
  • Translation Method (how the translation was performed and reviewed)
  • Community Participation (whether or not the community participated in the development and/or review of the material)
  • Resource Creation Date (date of creation of the resource, provided by the author)
  • Copyright Status (copyright status of the resource)
  • Last Reviewed by Author(s) (date of last review of material by author which may indicate date of last content update)
  • Record Last Updated (this is automatically generated when the HealthReach team updates a record in the system)

On this page, you can access the resource in its available formats and languages. In the Access Resource box, click Open to access a document, View to watch a video, or Listen to hear an audio recording. The selected resource will open in a new window.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria for information resources to be included in HealthReach

Before inclusion in the HealthReach database, all resources are reviewed to ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • The resource must be evaluated by a medical professional for accuracy.
  • The resource must be free and require no registration.
  • The primary purpose of the resource must be for education – we do not accept material that has a primary purpose to sell a product or service. The resource must not contain any advertisement.
  • Authorship and/or sponsorship of resource is clearly identified. Authors must provide copyright information about the resource.
  • Authors will complete an interview with HealthReach staff to collect key information about the development and review of the material.
  • Authors agree to participate in follow-up interviews from HealthReach staff every 12 to 24 months to update records.

Submitting information resources to HealthReach

How do I add a new resource?

Organizations can contact HealthReach if they wish to have their resources made available here. Please follow the steps below.

There are 3 steps for submitting materials to HealthReach. Locate the navigation bar at the bottom of the website. Click on the link labeled "Submit Your Resources."

  • Step 1: Select the copyright status of your material.
  • Step 2: Identify the type of resource
  • Step 3: Provider contact information

At each step, you will be provided with instructions to help you complete the process. After submitting your information, the HealthReach team will contact you for further information and to obtain the URLs or hosted materials.

If you have any questions during this process please email us at: healthreachinfo@mail.nlm.nih.gov

How do I delete a resource from the system?

We understand that users might need to remove content that they have put into the system due to a number of reasons. Because removing a resource is a sensitive operation, only HealthReach managers are authorized to remove resources. If you are the producer of a resource that you would like removed from the system for any reason, please contact us at healthreachinfo@mail.nlm.nih.gov. In your e-mail please describe the resource(s) you wish to have removed from the HealthReach database and your reason for wanting them removed.